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Dostál Petr: Advanced Decision Making in Business and Public Services


Dostál Petr: Advanced Decision Making in Business and Public Services

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Petr Dostál: Advanced Decision Making in Business and Public Services The book is dedicated to practitioners, technical analysts, and graduates in academia and the private and public sectors that are responsible for decision-making processes in organizations, institutions, firms, and establishments of various specializations and sizes. The aim of the book is to introduce some advanced and non-standard methods of analysis and simulation techniques in business and public services. In the book you can find brief descriptions of theories such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and the theory of chaos that belong to soft computing and artificial intelligence. The use of the theories mentioned above is in the sphere of analyses and simulation. We can mention, for example, optimization of technological decision-making processes with the aim of optimization (minimum losses and expenses, maximum profit), estimation of prices of products and volume of production, estimation of prices of real estate, evaluation of quality of client creditworthiness, risk rating of mortgages, the prediction of future trends in financial and economic data, optimization of capital decision making, solution of the problems of travel of salesmen/saleswomen, the creation and optimization of portfolios, prediction of prices of shares, indexes, currency ratios, etc. (100 Kč, 168 pages, ISBN 978-80-7204-837-3)